The ATA Carnet is a simple and unique international customs document that allows temporary importation of the most important groups of goods traded in the world. ATA Carnet circulates goods duty-free for a period of one year, if in the customs territory of a country that has accepted the Convention on Temporary Admission without completing national customs documents, paying customs duties or making a deposit, which normally follows in the regular procedure for temporary export, that is, imports. Worldwide, the ATA Carnet is synonymous with goods passports. ATA is an abbreviation, a combination of the initial letters of the French words “Admission Temporaire” and the English words “Temporary Admission”, which means temporary import.

Who can use ATA Carnet?

The holder of the ATA Carnet can only be a domestic legal or natural person. The ATA Carnet holder may have his Representative (one or more). An agent is a person who travels with a carnet, ie, accompanies the goods. This can be the carrier itself or some other person authorized by the holder, and more than one person can be specified. If the representative is a foreign person or you do not know who it will be in the column "Representative", the Letter of authority is entered instead of the name. In the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH - ATA Department, a form of the Letter of Authorization can be obtained, which the representative must show to the customs officer every time he performs the export / import / transit operation with the ATA Carnet.

Conditions for using the ATA Carnet?

Goods with the help of ATA Carnet cross the border quickly and easily (without hiring a freight forwarder, making a deposit, etc.,), but certain rules and conditions must be observed:
  1. All goods exported or imported under the ATA Carnet must be fully re-exported / re-imported in the same condition in which they were exported / imported (not intended for sale, rental, commercial maintenance, processing, repair, internal traffic, industrial packaging or production, construction, commercial exploitation of natural resources, etc.).
  2. All goods exported or imported under the ATA Carnet must be easily identifiable on export / import and re-export / re-import (detailed description of the goods in the Commodity List).
  3. All the values of the goods covered must represent the true commercial value in the country of issue.
  4. All carriers must comply with the national laws and regulations of the country of departure (s) / countries of transit.
  5. All goods covered by the carnet are subject to customs inspection and whenever an inspection by the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH is required.
  6. The period of validity of the ATA Carnet is determined by the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH in accordance with the period provided by the Convention, ie up to 12 months from the date of issue. However, the customs authorities of the ATA chain member countries may set a shorter deadline, in accordance with their national regulations, and in accordance with the relevant Conventions.
The use of the ATA Carnet is also envisaged for transit through the country, under the conditions of the ATA Convention.

The main groups of goods for which ATA Carnets are issued

The Convention lays down the basic principles governing the temporary import / export of three main groups of goods: - Exhibits - Trade samples - Professional equipment will be divided at fairs or exhibitions in the territory of temporary importation. In short, temporary admission under the ATA Carnet refers to goods that will be re-exported in the same condition in which they were imported.

Benefits of ATA Carnet for users

  1. Simplification of customs procedures by using one document for all customs transactions (temporary export, transit, temporary import, re-export and re-import).
  2. Payment of customs and other duties, taxes or deposits, usually in the case of temporary importation into an individual country, is unnecessary.
  3. The validity of the ATA Carnet for up to one year allows its multiple use for temporary importation into one or more ATA System member countries with the same goods. For customs, the ATA Carnet means less administration and the certainty that it will collect import duties if there is no re-export.