By entering the Republic of Croatia in mid-2013 in the EU membership, Croatia’s border with Bosnia and Herzegovina becomes the EU’s external border towards third countries. In accordance with this, BH companies must own an EORI number, ie they must fulfill the obligation to register in the EORI system of business entities before they start one of the following business activities in the EU:

⏺ Submission of a summary declaration (eg summary declaration for temporary storage) or customs declarations in accordance with Article 137 CC (EU Customs Regulations);

⏺ Submitting an exit or entry declaration;

⏺ Use of temporary storage services in accordance with Article 185 of the CCIP (Consolidated version of EEC Regulation No.2454 / 93 laying down rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 laying down Community Customs Regulations);

⏺ Submission of a request for authorization in accordance with Article 324 (a) or Article 372 of the CCIP;

⏺Submitting a request for issuing a certificate of the status of an authorized economic entity in accordance with Article 14 paragraph a) of the CCIP;