New measures for carriers in Germany and the Czech Republic

Large delays with kilometer-long traffic jams at the entrance from the Czech Republic to Germany, and from Tyrol to Germany were created by measures from the Federal Republic of Germany, where the entry of trucks from these areas (or any stay in these areas in the last 10 days) is not possible unless drivers present a negative test on the Covid-19 and electronic / digital registrations or alternative registrations in paper form.

Fast tests are enabled at individual border crossings in the above and marked areas of virus variation, but large crowds and queues of vehicles and drivers have been created, as reported by foreign media.

At the moment, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not on the list of areas with variation (several variants) of the virus, but is in a somewhat milder position as a high-risk country with a large number of infected,

which is why a negative Covid-19 test result is not required for our truck drivers, unless they come from countries of variation (multiple variants) of the virus and have not resided in areas of variation (multiple variants) of the virus in the last 10 days.

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